What steps are you taking to ensure that GM contamination will not occur in organic foods?

Organic standards prohibit GM ingredients and its derivatives.

The Soil Association makes extremely stringent checks to ensure that no product we certify contains any GM material. A mechanism has been set up which can validate the purity of the crop at each stage of the supply chain. Crops that come through this system are known as ‘identity preserved’. It is used widely for high-risk crops such as oil seed rape and soya. When products haven’t come through this system, they are tested for GM to the lowest reliable limit of detection which is 0.1%. Other certification bodies may only test to 0.9%.

There is a restricted list of non organic ingredients that are permitted up to 5% in organically certified products (for example yeast, soya lecithin) but these must be identified as non GM.

With our licensed products, we ask the manufacturing companies to complete our non GM declaration form. Only once we are sure that the product is not GM or made using GM do we allow it in our licensed products.

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