Do you allow plastic in organic packaging?

Our packaging standards, launched in January 2007, ensure that all Soil Association licensees who package products, will need to take into account the environmental impacts of their packaging as part of the organic certification process.

Our new packaging standards were developed with an expert packaging working group, and as such we have considered all the issues concerning plastic.

Whilst we will not be excluding plastics in the standards (though we do have a requirement that PVC must not be used), we have taken on board comments about their recyclability. Plastics are, however, quite useful on some occasions in order to fully protect products from light, moisture and mishandling. They can be very lightweight compared to other materials, and help to ensure that food reaches the consumer in a safe and hygienic condition.

We will be doing everything we can to ensure that the message about properly recycling, re-using and minimising the amount of materials used, is made very clear to all of our licensees.

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