Do you allow modified atmosphere packing?

Yes. It does not cause any adverse effects on the health of people eating food packaged in this way. What happens during the process is that the amount of CO2 is increased so that the level of oxygen is reduced in the packaging. The less oxygen around the food, the slower it will ripen. This gives the food a longer shelf life, without resorting to potentially harmful practices such as irradiation, which is not permitted under our standards.

Whilst we strongly recommend that people eat fruit and vegetables while they are fresh, as the nutritional value of the food decreases over time after it has been harvested. It is a fact of life, however, that many of us find it difficult to buy fresh produce regularly enough, and do want to be able to keep food without it going off very quickly. This packaging technique does not preserve all of the nutrition in the food, but does prevent it going off as quickly as it otherwise would.

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