Do you allow palm oil in organic products?

Yes. Organic palm oil is allowed as an ingredient in organic products.

The Soil Association is very concerned about the potential impact of any organic production systems on primary ecosystems such as rainforests. As a result our rules ban the clearing of primary ecosystems for organic production. However we do not directly certify any palm oil plantations and the organic sector forms only a tiny part of the market for this product.

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) is working on developing rules which will tackle the problem of primary ecosystems being cleared for agricultural use. They are currently deciding upon a new regulation, which will set a specific time period for this. Only land that had not been a primary ecosystem within the previous 5-15 years would be eligible for certification as organic. The period of time which would need to have elapsed before the land became eligible for certification is currently under debate. Once this new regulation has been passed this will be incorporated into the Soil Association’s own organic standards.

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