Low Stanger Seed Trials September Update

Low Stanger Farm - 20 September 2013

The carrot trial has shown a clear ‘winner’ in the St Valery variety (Mole’s Seeds). They germinated well and have grown strongly all season. We never thin carrots, so the bunches are of variable size, but they are of good marketable size, and also good colour and great carroty taste! The Amsterdam trial also showed good germination, but they have not grown anything like as strongly. They are almost side by side in the same field.

Tomatoes have been a little disappointing - none of the trial varieties has matched our standard types, even in what should have been a good tomato year. However, they have all produced a crop of sorts - late sowing may have had an impact here.

Likewise with brussel sprouts – the trial varieties did grow away quite strongly, but by early September had been left behind, in actual sprout development, by the established (F1) varieties that we usually grow. We have not yet harvested any, and the yield, appearance and taste will be established then.

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