Update from Skye Grove Organics

Skye Grove Organics - 30 September 2013

Tomatoes were grown in polytunnels, horse manure and comfrey and hand watered.

Galina has proved to be a robust strong tomato with energy enough to support several leaders, I have trained up to 3 or 4 leaders off each plant.

The fruits last well on and off the plant, handling delayed picking well, has also coped with blight well. Reasonable flavour.

Chocolate cherry was poorest on germination and establishment but produces superb tasting large cherry sized fruits. But fruits very prone to splitting and cannot cope with the blight down here in Cornwall.

The St Valery carrots have performed well showing no signs of carrot fly, good yield with excellent flavour.

Skye Grove Organics is run by Kevin Austin, producing fruit and veg for local shops and box schemes to biodynamic standards. The business uses only hand tools and horses, plus allotments to engage the local community. Kevin also works as outdoor crops supervisor at the Eden Project for 11 years and is now leading the estate team.

The seed variety field lab is looking into Open Pollinated (OP) seed varieties available to non-organic growers and trialling them in organic systems with a view to either creating a demand for them organically or saving them on farm for use in subsequent years. The field lab is part of the Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme which is aiming to improve productivity, quality and environmental performance in organic and low-input agriculture.

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