Programme of events

All events are free of charge to primary producers (farmers/crofters/growers) & £60.00 plus VAT to others.

Future Proofing Scotland's Farming (FPSF)
Places are limited and booking is essential for all events so that lunch and resource packs can be provided. Call Lyn on 07899 791 748 or email

Scottish Farming Innovation Network (SFIN)
These are half day events. Please note that places are limited as group size will be restricted, therefore booking is required. Call Colleen on 0131 666 2474 or email


Controlling Rushes without Chemicals #1

28 May 2015

28th May, Kirklinton, Cumbria

We are running rush control workshops at 3 regional host farms across the country, with a fourth in August. Attendees will hear about non-chemical management options, discuss priorities for the farm/...

Controlling Rushes without Chemicals #2

04 June 2015


A half-day workshop on controlling rushes without chemicals – starting at Ullapool village hall for an indoor discussion before going to look at a local croft and see a live demo of a scythe bar mowe...

Controlling Rushes without Chemicals #3

05 June 2015

Kirkton Farm, Crianlarach

A practical half-day workshop on controlling rushes without chemicals. Attendees will hear about non-chemical management options for rushes, look at the current situation on the host farm and discuss...

Field Lab – Farm Scale AD: Improving Efficiency and Cutting Costs (Meeting 4)

02 July 2015

Cream o’Galloway, Gatehouse of Fleet

This is the last of 4 open meetings looking at small-scale AD in an organic dairy system. We will review the progress made over the last year and look at the impact the AD system has had on elements ...

Producing Quality Forage: Getting the conditions & mix right

02 July 2015

Rhynie, Huntly

A practical on-farm afternoon visit looking at achieving optimum soil, seed and growing conditions for efficient grass and arable silage production, including soil preparation, seed selection and wee...