Low Carbon Farming Handbook

This practical, no-nonsense guide for farmers gives essential advice on how to cut carbon emissions, increase efficiency, and save money.

Farmers are faced with the task of reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions while succeeding in an increasingly challenging environmental and business context. A daunting task to many, an impossible task to others, but one that has the potential to save farmers thousands of pounds a year.

The handbook covers four areas of low carbon farming: soil and grassland management, nutrient and manure management, livestock management and renewable energy. This practical and accessible guide avoids lots of jargon, and will help farmers make low carbon changes to their everyday activities that will deliver both environmental and economic benefits.

Monty Don, President of the Soil Association and well known for his views on sustainable agriculture, has written the foreword, while renowned experts such as Dr Elizabeth Stockdale of Newcastle University have provided the chapter introductions.

"The...practices recommended are beneficial not only to lowering greenhouse-gas emissions, but also to improving efficiency in every area of your farm. In fact, common sense would suggest low carbon farming be embraced by every farmer in the country.” Monty Don.

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