Low Carbon Farming Mobile App

Following on from the successful Low Carbon Farming handbook, the practical, no-nonsense guide for farmers is now available in an abbreviated mobile format. 

Get the app here (click while on your mobile device).
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The app covers the same four areas of low carbon farming as the handbook: soil and grassland management, nutrient and manure management, livestock management and renewable energy. It is a practical and quick-access guide, designed to help farmers make low carbon changes to their everyday activities that will deliver both environmental and economic benefits.

"The...practices recommended are beneficial not only to lowering greenhouse-gas emissions, but also to improving efficiency in every area of your farm. In fact, common sense would suggest low carbon farming be embraced by every farmer in the country.” Monty Don.

The app includes localised weather information and an integrated twitter viewer of our twitter account. You can also access the Farm Carbon Assessment Tool (FCAT) from within the app, although functionality is limited on small screens.

Installation Options

1. Click on link from your mobile device.

2. Scan QR code below.

Unfortunately the app is not currently available on the Apple Store or Google's Play Store (Android). The app is built with software that allows it to run across all platforms, including Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Please note that the app has been funded until August 2014 and is unlikely to be continued thereafter.


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