Mother Earth

Mother Earth is the journal of the Soil Association. Published twice a year it covers topical issues in food and farming, as well as celebrating the history of the organic movement, and reflecting upon the philosophy of the sustainable food movement. You can receive the latest issue of Mother Earth direct to your door twice a year – just subscribe online for £12, or contact our membership department on 0117 914 2447.

Volume 8

Mother Earth coverDoes organic farming make money? It’s a simple question, but it’s one that will have kept many organic producers awake at night in recent years, and one we look at in this issue of Mother Earth. Martin Davies, the outgoing head of farming in the Soil Association’s producer support team, looks at the results of some number crunching of Defra’s annual farm survey data, while two practising organic producers give their own impressions of what the future holds for organic production. Away from the fields we look at The Cycle of Life, the Soil Association’s 1950 film promoting organic agriculture, and take an extended look at The Master and his Emissary, exploring how modern neuro-science can lend credence to the underlying philosophy of the movement.

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