Mother Earth volume 3

In the first Mother Earth in 1946, Lady Eve Balfour wrote: “I need hardly stress the fundamental importance of the work to which we have set our hand. The fact of you joining us is proof that you realise this.”

Yet over 60 years after the Soil Association was founded, the organic movement faces huge challenges. Despite the fact that organic food is now ‘mainstream’, Lawrence Woodward (former director of the Organic Research Centre) asks if the organic movement has failed to understand, develop and communicate its underpinning concepts and values.

Elsewhere in the issue, Erin Gill examines the early Soil Association's role in questioning pesticides and inspiring later generations of environmental activists, Peter Melchett explains the organic movement’s opposition to GM crops and animals, while US farmer Joel Salatin contends it is time for the world’s ecological farmers to hold their heads high and lead the way forward. Meanwhile Dr Isobel Tomlinson warns that the global supply of mined phosphate rock, on which intensive agriculture is dependent, could ‘peak’ as soon as 2033, and finally, we meet Laura Creen, an apprentice on the Soil Association’s Organic Apprenticeship Scheme.

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