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Bee Brick wins Soil Association Innovation award

04 December 2014

Bee Brick, an aesthetic home for bees that doubles as a revolutionary building material, has won a public vote to select the Soil Association’s Innovation Award winner, sponsored by the Duchy Originals Future Farming programme.

Organic: the gold standard of our vision for good food

01 December 2014

Four Trustees of the Soil Association’s seventeen Trustees resigned in November 2014 following the rejection by their fellow Trustees of a motion challenging our three year old strategy. Our strategy focusses as strongly as ever on organic food and ...

10 common myths about neonicotinoids and bees

01 December 2014

Today is the first anniversary of the two-year EU-wide restrictions on certain neonicotinoid pesticides. The restrictions were an important first step, but further action is urgently needed to protect UK pollinators. One year on, we, as part of the ...

Choose organic this Christmas to support a kinder, greener, better food system

01 December 2014

It’s hard to ignore the warm fuzzy feeling that bubbles up before Christmas. Yet the same time, while many of us try to avoid needless buying for the rest of the year, this season can sometimes feel like a bit of a moral dilemma.

Organic Market Update – Growth continues into Winter months

27 November 2014

Organic sales have continued to grow steadily during the early Winter months. Year on year sales to November 8 show a healthy + 1.8% increase in value which, when compared to the contraction in non-organic sales of -0.8% , shows that organic food an...

Increased support for organic farmers proposed

27 November 2014

Organic farmers received good news yesterday, when Defra proposed increased Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments to farmers for organic land and land in conversion to organic in England.

Better hospital food is good for our health

26 November 2014

This year has seen pioneering change in hospital food, with better food being seen as a clinical priority for the first time.

Business as usual not an option say soil experts

26 November 2014

Over 200 delegates and speakers gathered for the Soil Association's 6th annual Soil Symposium (25 November 2014) in Solihull to hear from international experts on soil and to discuss the vital area of soil resilience in agriculture.

Good for our health and NHS budgets: Event celebrates landmark year for improving hospital food

26 November 2014

NHS Trusts, caterers, commissioners and good food advocates came together in London yesterday (25 November) to reflect on the year’s remarkable developments in hospital food, now widely recognised, for the first time, as a clinical priority.

Proposed payment rates for organic maintenance and conversion in England

26 November 2014

The Soil Association are very pleased to announce the proposed payment rates for organic maintenance and conversion in England. Whilst not all types of land will attract increased payments, the new rates are much improved from the original proposals...
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