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Dragon’s Den Winners get the NPD treatment!

13 November 2014

The three winning businesses from August’s Organic Dragon’s Den took their places on an intensive new product development (NPD) session, a prize designed to help each business to further success in the marketplace.

Survey on Farming and Forestry Integration

11 November 2014

If you are a farmer or land manager with farm woodlands (or perhaps thinking of planting woodlands), we would like to invite you to participate in an online survey, created by our friend Elspeth Dundas of Edinburgh University. For her dissertation p...

Soil Association announces new international partnership with FLOCERT

10 November 2014

The Soil Association is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with FLOCERT, a global certification and verification company, to provide certification for organic textiles. The new partnership was announced today (10 November 2014) at the Te...

School Food Plan Briefing: Presentations

07 November 2014

The Soil Association's School Food Plan Briefing day, held at City Hall, London on 5 November, heard from a number of expert speakers on placing quality at the heart of a successful school meals service. You can download their presentations below.

Soil Association welcomes Northern Ireland organic farmer to Council of Trustees

07 November 2014

John Carson, an organic farmer from Downpatrick, Co. Down, has today (7 November 2014) been named to the Soil Association’s Council of Trustees. The Council is responsible for the ongoing health and effectiveness of the charity, and John will hold t...

David Laws praises Food for Life Catering Mark for school food

06 November 2014

Minister of State for Education, David Laws MP, has praised the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark, commending it as a scheme that allows school leaders to choose caterers who are committed to providing school children with high quality,...

FSC Controlled Wood certification of Forest Products Commission Western Australia

06 November 2014

This document provides a single point of reference in relation to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Controlled Wood (CW) certificate issued by the Soil Association to Forest Products Commission Western Australia (FPC). This document will be updat...

David Laws calls on schools and caterers to focus on food quality as a challenge for 2015

05 November 2014

Today, 5 November, experts in food and nutrition joined Minister of State for Education, David Laws MP, as the Minister shared his thoughts on the importance of placing quality at the heart of successful school meals. He highlighted the opportunitie...

Why soil is vital to the resilience of our farming systems – lessons from around the globe

05 November 2014

Internationally renowned speakers from Alaska, Australia, Canada, Norway and the Czech Republic join UK leading experts for the 6th annual Soil Association Soil Symposium to discuss the importance of soils to the resilience of agriculture.

New Field Lab: Effective Rush Control

04 November 2014

Do you have a problem with rushes on your farm? Rushes are an issue for many farmers, and can have significant impacts on production by reducing the size of livestock grazing areas. Chemical herbicides are a widely used (if not always effective) rem...
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