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Soil Association Certification at this weekend's IFE

10 March 2011

Soil Association Certification at this weekend's IFE We are pleased to confirm that we are in attendance at this weekend's International Food & Drink Event being held at ExCel, London. If you are also visting and would like to pop and see us to say ...

New standards proposed for organic greenhouse crops

09 March 2011

New standards for growing organic crops in greenhouses and polytunnels are being proposed, following feedback from an open public consultation. Changes put forward include a recommendation to progress toward renewable sources of energy, a requiremen...

Wind turbine installation

09 March 2011

The morning session will look at site choice, grid connection, environmental & planning permission issues and a farmer’s practical perspective on commissioning a wind turbine. The events will also include a visits to local farms that have wind turbi...

UN ‘Green Marshall Plan’ condemns large scale, chemical approaches to boost food production

08 March 2011

In what will be seen as major blow to the GM industry and supporters of greater industrialisation of agriculture, including those behind the recent UK Government Foresight report [1], the UN has condemned attempts to use large scale, chemical approa...

Not all meat is equal

25 February 2011

Following recommendation from Government advisers to limit consumption of red meat, Richard Young, Soil Association policy advisor, comments:

Health claims trump ethics with UK consumers

22 February 2011

Thirty percent more UK shoppers look for health claims than ethical ones; ‘Free range’ is twice as looked for as Fairtrade; However, almost 90 percent recognise the Fairtrade logo.

Plans for ‘mega-dairy’ withdrawn

16 February 2011

Plans to set up the UK’s largest dairy farm were withdrawn today (16 February 2011). Commenting on the announcement by Nocton Dairies Ltd. Emma Hockridge, head of policy at the Soil Association, said:

New dates for Industry Learning Events

14 February 2011

Our one-day organic induction events provide brands, retailers and caterers the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the market while deepening their understanding of organic benefits.

Nominate for the Sunday Telegraph’s top 1,000?

14 February 2011

To mark the start of the British economy’s recovery from the recent financial crisis and recession, The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph have set out to establish which companies will drive that growth, creating the jobs and the wealth the country need...

Food from descendants of cloned animals: Have your say

08 February 2011

The Soil Association has written to the Food Standards Agency outlining our concerns about their new view that there are no food safety grounds for regulating the meat and milk from the offspring from cloned cattle and pigs. The Soil Association bel...
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