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Growing for the future

25 November 2010

In her second year of the Soil Association Organic Apprenticeship scheme, Laura Creen explains what drove her to the scheme, and what her hopes and amibtions for the future are.

Peak phosphorous

25 November 2010

The supply of phosphorus from mined phosphate rock could ‘peak’ as soon as 2033, after which this non-renewable resource will become increasingly scarce and expensive. We are completely unprepared to deal with the shortages in phosphorus inputs and ...

Ecological agriculture: can we feed the world?

25 November 2010

Joel Salatin, one of America's most celebrated pioneers of organic farming in the US, looks at how ecological farming fell behind chemical techniques, and why it is now catching up

Getting Started: How to set up a food co-op or buying group in your community

16 November 2010

Getting Started: How to set up a food co-op or buying group in your community Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter EX4 3LS Wednesday 1 December 2010 11.30am - 2.30pm

Final Welsh Organic Farming Conversion Scheme application window opens

12 November 2010

Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, has announced arrangements for the opening of the second and final Organic Farming Conversion Scheme application window.

Return of the turkey twizzler?

11 November 2010

Following the announcement of Jamie Oliver’s meeting with Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, the Soil Association led Food for Life Partnership has released a letter signed by 50 headteachers calling on the Government to provide continue...

Make sure your birds get a home this Christmas

10 November 2010

A new online directory will help consumers to source organic table birds for Christmas.

OMSCo launches Cub Scouts Global Conservation badge

10 November 2010

Squirrels live underground, otters live in caves and rabbits live in ditches: new research suggests the Playstation generation is out of touch with their wild side.

Soil Association offers new vet email service

08 November 2010

The Soil Association is launching a free e-mail group for vets to help keep them informed of current issues.

GM crops and food – the position and role of the Soil Association

05 November 2010

In light of the recent push by the GM industry and its close allies to promote GM crops as the answer to what is being reported as a global food crisis, Peter Melchett provides the Soil Association’s original reasons for opposing GM crops and food, ...
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