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MRSA found on British farms - Soil Association calls for end of routine antibiotic use

03 June 2011

Following a study published today on the discovery of MRSA in British milk, the Soil Association is calling for the end of routine antibiotic use in dairy farming.

A farmer’s tale

30 May 2011

Soil Association farmer Will Best reflects on farming organically since the early '80s, and the changes and growth the market has seen in that time, as well as what the future may hold for the sector.

Biochar: the need for precaution?

27 May 2011

Enthusiasts of biochar use suggest using it will add fertility and life to soil while simultaneously locking up carbon that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. However, others are more cautious, and point to unanswered questions in relat...

Meeting on soil fertility and rotations at Yatesbury Farm, Calne 20 October 2010

27 May 2011

Charles Dowding reflects on a recent seminar that brought together growers using organic, bio-dynamic, permacultural and Shumei systems. While there are several differences between these approaches, it is striking that all are founded on a deep resp...

GM crops to feed the world: PR or reality?

27 May 2011

In 2009-10 Dr Helen Wallace served on the steering group of a Government sponsored ‘public dialogue’ on GM, which was led by the Food Standards Agency. She resigned from the process in May 2010 when it became clear that the 'dialogue' was intended a...

The Soil Association and Australia: From Mother Earth to Eve Balfour

27 May 2011

From its inception the Soil Association was linked with emerging organic thinking in Australia and New Zealand. When the Association was formed in 1946 two of its founder members were residents of Australia and New Zealand, there were already three ...

GOTS welcomes USDA ruling

25 May 2011

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has welcomed a new policy memorandum from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in which it explicitly confirms that textile products that are produced in accordance with the GOTS standard may ...

300,000 fresh and healthy meals served every day

24 May 2011

300,000 fresh and healthy meals are being served every week day across England and Scotland, thanks to the Food for Life Catering Mark .

Organic food 'can help you lose weight and live longer’: How natural fruit and vegetables are packed with more nutrients

23 May 2011

A study by the University of Newcastle School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development reports that fruit and vegetables grown without artificial fertilisers have significantly more key nutrients, including vitamin C.

Hydro installation day

19 May 2011

The morning session will look at a practical overview; regulatory aspects including environmental, extraction and construction; grid connection; planning; finance and legal issues. With presentations from Jamie Troughton, Ardchattan Hydro, North Con...
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