New faecal egg counting service available

06 September 2010

A new faecal egg counting service is now available from the Soil Association, in association with Graig Farm Producers.

"Faecal egg counts are a useful tool for monitoring the health of your animals," says Phil Stocker, director of farmer and grower relations at the Soil Association. "Our simple test uses faecal samples to determine the level of parastitic burden in your flock/herd and can be vital in helping determine the best course of action."

The pack includes a sampling kit with full instructions and a freepost envelope in which you can return your samples. Test results are returned directly to you and Soil Association members have the added advantage of access to the Producer Support team who will be happy to advise on the best treatment/management options available to you.

Soil Association members can purchase initial tests for the discounted price of £15.50 with additional tests, if required, costing only £13.50. NB additional tests must be purchased at the same time as the initial test and must be submitted for processing at the same time.

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