New tool to help farmers measure GHG emissions

07 September 2010

A new online tool should help farmers to measure the impact of Environmental Stewardship schemes on a farm’s greenhouse gas balance and sequestration from agricultural production.

The Country Land and Business Association’s web-based carbon calculator - CALM (Carbon Accounting for Land Managers) was originally designed to measure the GHG emissions and carbon sequestration of GHGs from production agriculture - enabling farmers to calculate the carbon balance of their businesses.
Now the tool can also model the contribution made by Entry Level (ELS) and Higher Level (HLS) agri-environment schemes which are most likely to improve the GHG balance of a farm. It is free and available to anyone and all users are guaranteed total confidentiality of any data they enter on the calculator.

"The CLA's CALM calculator is a very useful tool for farmers who want to start looking at their greenhouse gas emissions, as is the Climate Friendly Food carbon calculator," says Peter Melchett, the Soil Association's policy director. "However, neither tool currently includes all of the potential soil carbon gains under organic management, nor the impact of land use change associated with most non-organic animal feed.”

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