Organic sales up in September

25 October 2010

Sales of organic food and drink through supermarkets reached £82m during September, an increase of 15.5% on the previous four-weeks, data from Kantar Worldpanel shows.

This period included Soil Association Organic Fortnight, which ran from 3-17 September, during which time multiple retailers put their energy and support behind sales of organic produce including the launch of Duchy Originals from Waitrose and a wide range of on-shelf promotions across all sectors and retailers.

This is the highest increase of four-weekly sales in the last 18-months – surpassing sales of organic products during Christmas 2008 and 2009.

The rolling 12-week year on year sales shows that the decline in organic has now reached -2%, a sign that the decline is ‘bottoming out’.

Finn Cottle from the Soil Association said:
“This is great news for the organic sector and demonstrates that consumer confidence is returning. It seems that sales are stabilising and we are looking forward to growth again.”

According to MD of Waitrose, Mark Price, organic foods are “coming back”. At a recent event he said that consumers are not turning their back on organic foods and that sales are reviving. [1]

More recently [9 Oct] Yeo Valley launched their new advertising campaign, a rap promoting the benefits of their yoghurt, on primetime TV’s X-Factor. [2]


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[1] ‘Organic foods on way back, says Waitrose chief’, Marketing Magazine (12 October)

[2] Yeo Valley Advert - Official Video

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