Make sure your birds get a home this Christmas

10 November 2010

A new online directory will help consumers to source organic table birds for Christmas.

“To help increase direct organic sales this Christmas, we are creating an online list of producers who sell organic table birds direct to the public,” say Phil Stocker, director of farmer and grower relations.

“If you are selling organic turkey, goose, duck and chicken to the public this Christmas please make sure you register your details before 15 November so the directory can work for you.

"Over 25 members have so far registered their details and we have added them to a Google map, which will be made available to the public after 15 November."

To ensure your details are included in this directory click on the link below and enter your details.

If you have any queries please contact the Trade and Producer Support team on 0117 914 2400.


View Christmas 2010 Organic Table Birds UK in a larger map

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