UPDATE - Organic Grassland Event - 17th May - Shropshire

11 April 2011

Thank you to all those that have brought your tickets so far. At last week’s rate of buying tickets we should have the day full in no time – must be the hearty organic lunch on offer!

Although perhaps it could be the quality of speakers we have secured which now includes:


Charlie Morgan – Grass Master + farmer – regularly contributor to Farmer Weekly under GrassWatch, which compares U.K. grass growth along with giving commentary on this.

John BaxInternationally renowned nutritionist and forage expert, no more need to be said. An excellent speaker and currently Biotal’s Technical Manager.

Dr. Liz Stockdale – One of NewcastleUniversity’s finest soil scientists and lecturers. Liz has an over-excited passion for soils, and has been involved in a wide range of research projects connected with nutrient cycling in soils and the environmental impact of farming systems.

Tim Downes – Pioneering host dairy and beef grassland farmer. Nuffield Scholar, chair of local discussion group, OMSCo’s Farmer of the Year 2008, sits on Dairy Co Forum and OMSCo’s Technical Committee.

Phil Stocker – Chair of the day. Well know figure in farming world, having worked his way up from an agricultural apprentice with the ATB, to managing an 800 acre farm in Wiltshire before joining the SA in 1997 as a producer advisor and now as our director of farming and growing relations at the Soil Association.



The speakers will talk in the morning, then after lunch will be available at specific sites on the farm walk. Four stops are planned covering the following:

  • Review of forage and storage

  • Getting the most out of permanent pasture

  • Sward measurement and assessment

  • Understanding grassland soils


Buy tickets online here

Alternative phone the Producers Support team on: 0117 914 2400 to book over the phone



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