Low carbon farming event - Moving towards low carbon farming. Woodland Valley Farm, Cornwall

30 September 2011

The second of our planned events took place at Woodland Valley Farm, near Ladock in Cornwall last Tuesday with a morning session of expert speakers followed by a delicious lunch and farm walk.

Attendance was encouraging, with about 20 farmers and advisors venturing into the depths of Cornwall to learn more about low carbon farming.

During the morning session we heard from Chris Lloyd from EBLEX who put greenhouse gas emissions from farming into context and talked about emissions from livestock and efficiency measures that can be taken to reduced a the livestock portion of a farm's carbon footprint; Dr Martin Wood spoke about the importance and management of soil organic matter and soil carbon and its potential in terms of sequestering carbon and reducing a farm's footprint; and Hugo House, from Good Energy who gave us a run down on the on-farm opportunities that are available in terms of renewable energy, including case studies of the different technologies in situe and details on how to take sign up to the FiT.

After a warming lunch, provided by our hosts - the Jones' family, Chris Jones took us on a tour of the farm where further discussions developed around the topic of soil C, livestock management and finishing stock on grass alone, and his sweet chestnut and hazelnut plantation (including ideas for squirrel control!).

The day was a great success, informative, interesting and provided a lot of food for thought.

Presentations from the event

Chris Lloyd, EBLEX: The win win from climate change in Beef and Lamb [6.76 MB]

Martin Wood, Earthcare: The importance and management of soil carbon [4.09]

Hugo House, Good Energy: On farm renewable energy opportunities [2.88 MB]

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