Project update: The review of the National Occupational Standards for Amenity and Production Horticulture

14 February 2012

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for the Land-based and Environmental Sector, commenced a review in June 2011 of the current National Occupational Standards (NOS) for both Amenity and Production Horticulture.  National Occupational Standards define the skills, knowledge and understanding required of those employed within the industry and are used as a benchmark for those who provide training and qualifications. The aim of the review is to create just one suite of NOS to cover all aspects of the Horticulture industry and ensure that it is up to date and an accurate reflection of the skills needed within the industry.

Working group, focus group and one-to-one meetings have been held with industry practitioners and experts regarding changes in industry practice and legislation, and whether these changes should be reflected within the NOS. 

The revised draft standards are now available for public consultation and comment until the 26th February 2012 and can be accessed at  Further meetings with industry will also take place during the consultation period.

The final NOS will be submitted to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (who regulate NOS) for approval early in March 2012 and should be available for use from April 2012.  Following approval there will be a review of qualifications and apprenticeships. 

If you would like more information please contact:

Jenny Smith, Project Manager or Sharon Sewell, Project Co-ordinator at

For additional information on the importance of NOS and how they are developed and used please see the attached Lantra NOS factsheet.

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