Organic packaging concerns

25 February 2010

New requirements on the use of the new EU organic logo on packaging materials could have “serious repercussions for the organic sector”, warns the IFOAM EU Group.

This follows proposals by the European Commission on the use of the logo which could force manufacturers across the EU to redesign product packaging immediately.

“The new wording means that, after the 1 July 2010, organic businesses would no longer be able to reprint current packaging designs,” writes Christopher Stopes, president of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) EU Regional Group, in an open letter to Jean-François Hulot, who is responsible for organic farming at the European Commission.

“This is substantially different to our understanding following our discussions and from the old wording, which allows organic businesses to continue to use current packaging designs until 1 January 2012.”

"With the proposed new wording, [businesses] now face the situation that they will have to redesign all their materials immediately."

The proposed new wording puts unacceptable pressure on manufacturers across the EU, which would have to change “hundreds of types of packaging materials and labels” before 1 July 2010.

The IFOAM EU group is calling on the Commission to reconsider the impact of these changes and adopt a more realistic time-frame.

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