Manufacturers withdraw cypermethrin sheep dips

08 March 2010

The manufacturers of three cypermethrin sheep dips have voluntarily withdrawn their marketing authorisations for their products.

The authorisations for cypermethrin dips were temporarily suspended by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) in February 2006, following a number of serious pollution incidents arising from the routine use of these products. However, the manufacturers have now announced that they no longer intend to sell cypermethrin dips.

“Although sheep farmers from across the UK valued the cypermethrin dips, since the products were suspended four years ago, the VMD has not received any accounts of the alternative authorised products failing to control sheep scab,” says Professor Steve Dean, chief executive of the VMD. “As the routine use of the cypermethrin dips has proved too challenging for environmental safety I welcome this voluntary move by the manufacturers.”

The Soil Association is not alone in prohibiting the use of organo-phosphates (OPs), and this decision leaves most organic producers with the injectables and their associated long withdrawal periods and requirement for effective injection techniques.

“While the VMD may welcome this news, they still fail to recognise that many producers do not want to – or cannot – use OPs for health reasons," says Phil Stocker, director of farmer and grower relations. "Organic producers must be continue to be vigilant about scab control. We will review and update the advisory information we provide to producer members.”

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