Renewable Heat Incentive Awareness Raising Event

01 May 2012

May 29th 2012, Whittingehame Estate, Haddington

Do you want to lower the heating costs for your business and home?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government financial incentive scheme to promote the uptake of renewable heat. It provides index linked payments over 20 yrs for eligible technologies installed since July 2009. The RHI represents a golden opportunity for rural businesses to benefit from reduced fuel costs and income generated from the production of renewable heat. Producing fuel (biomass) from your own woodlands or surplus straw and grain can further increase fuel savings and, in the case of woodfuel production, potentially make overall woodland management economically viable.

With thanks to Whittingehame Estate, you are invited to come along to this free event to:
 Hear how you can benefit from the RHI, how you can source your fuel, how BMR can help you and
where you can go for further information and advice
 See a working biomass boiler in action and hear how it works
 Talk with experts who can help you take steps to realise opportunities presented by biomass

For further information and to register: Contact / 01896 758 091 ( by 22nd May)

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