Updated Catering Mark Manual: drinks and invoices

29 June 2012


We are pleased to announce that version 1.2 of the Catering Mark Manual is available on our website now.

To clarify that Catering Mark currently only applies to food on the menu, we have removed all references to drinks.  If you are serving organic or Fairtrade drinks to achieve the silver or gold Catering Mark, you may need to use other products to maintain your organic ingredient spend in time for your 2013 inspection. Organic milk used in cooking will still achieve points. Our independent Standards Committee will look at whether, and how, the Catering Mark Standards could apply to drinks in future.

To help you prepare for your inspection, version 1.2 of the Manual also highlights items for which our inspector may require invoices or delivery notes to help verify that your products are, for example, farm assured or MSC certified. Click here to see the updated manual.

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