Change of director at the Organic Research Centre

03 June 2010

Lawrence Woodward OBE is stepping down as Director of the Organic Research Centre. He will be succeeded by Professor Nic Lampkin, who has been joint director with Lawrence since February 2009.

Lawrence Woodward has played a pivotal role in the Organic Research Centre since it was founded. Over more than 30 years, he has brought to the role of Director a remarkable sense of vision and clarity on the balance between principles and practice and a drive that has ensured the organisation has consistently made a significant impact. As a result, the Organic Research Centre has been at the forefront of the development of the organic movement and sector both in the UK and internationally.

"As we arrive at the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Organic Research Centre, we have to take steps to ensure that the organisation can meet the challenges ahead," says Lawrence Woodward. "Although I still have plenty to give, a fresh perspective and drive is needed, which I am confident Nic and his team will provide. I have enjoyed working with Nic in the last 15 months and am looking forward to contributing to ORC’s continuing success in my personal capacity."

“I am following in Lawrence’s footsteps with some trepidation, conscious of his legacy and the many personal relationships that he has developed over the years, and aware that my more formal academic background doesn’t make up fully for his creative intellectual flair," says Nic Lampkin. "I know that Lawrence will continue to support the work of the Organic Research Centre as we continue to build a truly sustainable and equitable farming and food system."

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