Soil Association Comment: IME Global Food Report

10 January 2013

Emma Hockridge, Soil Association head of policy said: The Soil Association welcomes the Global Food Report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Food waste is an important issue and if we didn’t waste so much, we'd put less pressure on the environment.

Eliminating food losses, combined with increasing environmentally sustainable farming such as organic and other agro-ecological systems can help the world feed itself.

The relationship between consumers and their food has changed and many people are now more distanced from food production seeing little link with the end product. Our projects like Community Supported Agriculture and the Food for Life Partnership have made fantastic steps to improve understanding about where our food comes from and the importance of locally sourced, seasonal and affordable food. We believe that when people value food they will waste less.


We must act now to ban neonicotinoid pesticides for good. Join us.