Murray Trust Future Farmer Award - 2013 Round Open (Scotland)

11 March 2013


Applications are now being invited for the 2013 Elizabeth Murray Trust Future Farmer Award. Owners, tenants, crofters and employees responsible for managing productive land in Scotland may apply.

The Award aims to showcase ways in which Scotland can produce food, fibre and wood products from farms and crofts in a commercially viable way while maintaining the natural capital of the land and minimizing the ecological footprint of farming activities.
The types of approach which the Future Farmer Award seeks to promote include the following:

  • Managing soils to reduce flooding risk.
  • Integrating native woodland management with grazing livestock.
  • Choosing crops varieties which are resilient to wet summers.
  • Developing new ideas for productive and sustainable management of hill ground.
  • Running farm machinery on farm-produced bio-fuel.
  • Creating the right conditions for commercially useful 'wild' plants to grow.
  • Cutting CO2 emissions on-farm and in supply chains.
  • Other ideas, new or old, which could improve the environmental sustainability of farming in Scotland.

The winning farmer will receive £4,000, a commemorative plaque and a package of support to help them promote their ideas to other farmers and land managers.
The deadline for the receipt of applications is 22 March 2013.
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