Snow hardship support

05 April 2013

This year’s appalling weather has been drastic for farmers, with devastated flock numbers where snow hit sheep farms during lambing, and delayed turnout using up dwindling stocks of poor-quality forage.

We’re doing everything we can (short of changing the weather) to help farms that have been hardest hit. We know that some of our licensees have lost a lot of this year’s lamb crop, and also many ewes.

If you’re still affected by the results of the severe weather, we can help with:

  • sourcing organic forage
  • finding organic replacement stock
  • derogations for non-organic feed and replacement stock

Please contact your own certification officer direct, or ring 0117 914 2406 to discuss these or any other issues you’re facing.

In addition, you’ll know that we have reduced our fees for two years for our smallest producer licensees. We have also set up small fee-support hardship fund for other licensees: your certification officer can tell you the baseline criteria, and send you the application form.

For a full list of adverts for organic feed and forage, please visit the organic marketplace here.

Organisations helping farmers in need

There are a number of organisations that are helping farmers facing difficulties after the severe weather. They can be accessed via the Farming Help website

If the difficulties caused by the severe weather has brought your farming business to crisis, please contact RABI (England and Wales) or RSABI (Scotland) to see if you are able to get financial assistance towards household expenses such as food and utilities.

The Addington Fund can help with an emergency grant towards animal feed costs.

Farm Crisis Network runs a network of volunteers who are all farmers or linked to farming. They can help with business ideas, family, farm or health issues.

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