Press comment: The Soil Association warmly welcomes the new EU proposals for additional measures on pesticides

17 July 2013

 The Soil Association warmly welcomes the news that the EU is proposing additional measures on pesticides to better protect Europe’s bees.

Head of Policy Emma Hockridge comments:

“The announcement of the European Commission proposal to restrict the use of Fipronil, an insecticide identified as posing an acute risk to the honey bee population of Europe, is good news for honeybees across the EU. Alongside the recent 2 year moratorium on the use of key neonicotinoids in agriculture, we are finally beginning to protect our bees and other pollinators. However, these are only the first steps to ensuring a thriving bee population in the UK, who are up against a vast suite of challenges –including intensive agriculture, habitat destruction, and various pests and diseases that each have an impact on our important pollinating insects.”


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