Press comment: World's first lab-grown burger unveiled and eaten on 5th August

05 August 2013

In response to news today that Dutch scientists have created a £250,000 burger using cow stem cells, Emma Hockridge, Head of Policy at the Soil Association said; “This new technology is interesting but it is also important to consider the wider issues surrounding such a development, such as the benefits that grazing animals bring to the beauty and sustainability of our countryside, the importance of healthy and sustainable diets and access to food. There are also many simpler solutions to feeding our growing population available to us now including agroecological systems such as organic farming which works with nature to obtain good yields with far lower inputs and producing food with high animal welfare, lower pollution, and with more wildlife and jobs on farms. It is unlikely that lab grown meat would ever replace meat production in the UK and there is still a long way to go before these products are anywhere near, if ever being commercially viable.”


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