Press comment: Environmental Audit Committee’s Second Special Report of Session 2013-14

10 September 2013

In response to the Environmental Audit Committee’s Second Special Report of Session 2013-14, Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director, said; “All those who care about the future of bees will share the Environmental Audit Committee’s disappointment that the Government still refuses to accept scientific evidence that neonicotinoid insecticides need to be banned. Luckily for bees and wild pollinators, European scientists have accepted the scientific evidence and the three most damaging insecticides will be banned from the end of this year. In their response to the Audit Committee, the Government have accepted the process for assessing risks to pollinators from pesticides needs updating. The Soil Association is urging the Government to take account of new scientific evidence from the United States, which showed that bees may be consuming up to 21 different pesticides in the pollen they collect on farmland. US scientists have shown that this lethal cocktail is far more damaging to bees than individual pesticides.”


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