Legume Link Project report

25 October 2013

The ORC led Defra funded project has published its findings. The overall aim of the project was to improve nitrogen use efficiency in UK arable systems.

The benefits of legume mixes for arable cropping have been proved by a trial conducted over the past three years looking at a range of different legume mixes to build fertility within cropping systems. The main finding wasthat legume mixes will generally perform better than a single species of legume as they are able to be more flexible in their response to weather and ground conditions.

The trial was conducted over three years on six sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

A number of parameters were used in assessing the performance of the different legume mixes used including early development,  general productivity, weed suppression, flowering, value as a pre-crop, resistance to decomposition and performance of the following crop

The report makes interesting reading for all producers interested in ways of reducing their reliance on manufactured sources of fertiliser:


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