Powys 'mega dairy' plan gets go-ahead after public inquiry

01 November 2013

In response to the approval of the large scale dairy farm in Powys, Wales, Helen Browning, Chief Executive at the Soil Association said; “It is extremely disappointing that this development has been given the go-ahead, especially when there has been such resistance from the local community. The problems facing the pig and dairy industries will not be solved by super-sizing production; this fails to deal with the root cause of the issue. Instead we need to pay our farmers a fair price for food, whilst expecting the highest standards of care for our environment, animals and health in return. It really should not be necessary for a farmer to milk 1000 cows in order to make a good living.

“Large-scale indoor animal units such as this are common practice in the United States. Experience there has shown that they impact negatively on smaller, family farms, and can have poor environmental and animal health outcomes, as they produce much more manure than the land close by can use, and usually rely on high levels of antibiotics to control disease. We should be focusing instead on the development of productive mixed farming systems which integrate the needs of animals, crops, wildlife and people in a humane and environmentally responsible way.”

Read the BBC news story here.

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