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In Calf Pedigree Hereford Heifers

In calf and Bulling Hereford heifers for sale 16-18 month old . Due April May 2016 . High health sta....

County: Hereford   Created: 02-Oct-2015   Approx Distance:

S I Williams & Sons

Sheep grassing 31 October 2015 to 31 Dec 2015, west Herefordshire....

County: Herefordshire    Created: 01-Oct-2015   Approx Distance:

Wanted: Organic South Devon Cows Or Heifers


County:    Created: 01-Oct-2015   Approx Distance:

Milking Goats

Goats - Looking for any Organic Nanny Goats or goatlings ready to go with the Billy. ....

County: Gloucestershire    Created: 01-Oct-2015   Approx Distance:

Beef Shorthorn X Saler Bulling Heifers

24 Beef Shorthorn X Saler Bulling Heifers 17 - 23 months old +450 kgs .Well grown ready for the bull....

County: Wotton Under Edge    Created: 30-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

In Calf Traditional Hereford Heifers

2-3 in-calf traditional hereford heifers for sale. Kent....

County: Sevenoaks    Created: 30-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

Organic Barley

12 Tons of organic spring barley Really nice sample Delivery can be arranged....

County:    Created: 30-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

Pots and Trays

Available 2000 1l pots black , biodegrable pots rond and square, also 3l and 10l. div. potting tra....

County: Glos.    Created: 29-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

Organic Store Cattle

15 young aberdeen angus single suckled steer calves for sale. 6 to 8 months old and still with their....

County: Somerset    Created: 28-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

Ewe Lambs

150 Fully Organic Suffolk x mule ewe lambs , well grown and good condition , will split into a small....

County: Berkshire    Created: 28-Sep-2015   Approx Distance:

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Inspections update
28 September

We know that both additional and unannounced inspections can be a burden on you when you are busy so we wanted to remind you of some figures and how inspections are selected.

Additional Inspections

• We will have to carry out additional inspections or visits on 10% of operators.
• Some of the visits may be very detailed, others may only focus on checking that non-compliances raised at the previous inspection have been put in place.
• They will be selected on a risk basis. For example, those with a high number of non-compliances or non-compliances that affect organic integrity; non-dedicated production; complex non-dedicated production/equipment; parallel production on farm; new enterprises that present a greater risk.
• More applicants will receive an additional visit in their first year.

Unannounced inspections

• At least 10% of all inspections must be unannounced; this means that some annual inspections as well as some additional visits will be unannounced.
• For unannounced inspections you will have a maximum of 24 hours’ notice.
• Unannounced annual inspection will be selected at random.

Another area of the EU regulation where we are seeing increased focus is in observing organic processing during the inspection. Some processing plants have organic products in close proximity to non-organic products and there could be a risk of cross contamination. Direct observation of processes like selection of products ready for manufacture or mixing of ingredients will provide objective evidence and support the records reviewed that the integrity of the product’s organic status is being maintained. When your inspector telephones to agree your inspection date they will ask you to try and identify a day when you are processing organic products.

Grower consultations during October 2015
16 October

Various locations from October 16th until October 30th         

Please note...

Although adverts are reviewed by the Soil Association, we are not able to carry out a full check of the advertiser's current organic status or the status of the products listed.

All responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisement lies with the advertiser and the Soil Association can take no responsibility for any inaccurate claims made.

Please also remember that any goods purchased as organic should be accompanied by a valid organic certificate and trading schedule provided by the seller, and a Livestock Transfer Document or Movement to Slaughter form as appropriate.

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