Out to Lunch infographic - text only version

Children's menus aren't making the grade

We surveyed 21 of the biggest and most popular restaurant and pub chains serving up food to children to find out what’s on the menu and whether service is up to scratch.

40% of parents eat out with their children at least once a fortnight

How parents rate children’s food:

  • Good 7%
  • Okay 28%
  • Poor 65%

What's on the menu?

Highest rating:

1st Jamie's Italian
2nd Wagamama
3rd Wetherspoon

Lowest rating:

19th Prezzo
20th KFC
21st Burger King

Family Friendly?

  • Only1 provides children’s cutlery.
  • 13 do not offer different sized portions of children’s meals.

A healthy choice?

  • Only 1 offers children’s portions of adult meals as standard.
  • 10 don’t offer a pudding with a portion of fruit in it

Fresh food you can trust?

  • Only 1 could reliably tell parents where their meat comes from.
  • 12 have the usual suspects like chicken nuggets and burgers in all or a majority of their meat dishes

What do parents want to see improved?

  • Child portions of adult meals.
  • More meals to choose from.
  • More food cooked from scratch on site.

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