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Course details

All about seeds

Starts: 06 April 2013 09:30
Ends: 06 April 2013 16:00

Valerie's Veggies and Plants, Feliz, Ginns Road, Stocking Pelham, Herts SG9 0JD

Anyone interested in growing their own veg, herbs or flowers, needs to be able to germinate seeds of different species and varying physical characteristics.  This course provides an overview of commonly used techniques, the basic facilities and equipment needed, and some demonstrations of what to do and how to do it. Aftercare to transplanting seedlings, plus how to tell if your seeds are dead, are discussed in detail. The following will also be discussed -  Open pollinated and F1 seeds; Changing practices of seed companies and implications for growers both amateur and professional; Climate change and necessary seed characteristics.

£70 for 1 person, £125 for 2.

T: 01279 777178

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