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Course details

Howard-Higgins composting at optimum efficiency for disease prevention

Starts: 27 November 2012 09:30
Ends: 27 November 2012 16:30

High Canons Estate, High Canons, Borehamwood, WD6 5PL

Discover the Lost Art of Thermophilic composting in South Hertfordshire, on our organic Micro-farm, within the Green Belt of the M25. This is the most reliable and efficient system of composting in the world and we can make any amount of organic waste/obnoxious waste disappear in 14 days. It then becomes chemically equal to earth in 30 days. We are manufacturing fresh humus for a resilient future without plundering Mother Nature's capital. Ordinary organic farms can loose 5cm of top soil in 40 years (Lampkin, 1991). By this original system of Sir Albert Howard you will be replenishing your soil rather than depleting it. Sir Albert was the cause of the formation of the Soil Association world-wide. This science is being brought forward for the farmer of today. Richard has recently attended the National Badger conference in Hampshire and gave an interview on BBC Radio Shropshire on disease prevention in farm animals. He will be speaking at the National Soil Symposium at Coventry on behalf of the Soil Association, places still available. Most organic farms are not carrying out this simple technique for fertility making in which you won't have to buy any inferior organic fertilizer and you will open the doors to solving the mystery of the disease reservoir today. This development work has been carried out by Higgins, the course giver today, and the system is now known as the Howard-Higgins System. Hardly any organic farmers know how to do this and you can learn it directly from Howard’s original works.

Course covers everything from assembling the equipment to bagging up and selling the finished compost/fertilizer or growing the most wonderfully nutritious food crops with it in three months. This material bulks 20 times your amount of cow dung and is 4 times more efficient than using rotted down cow dung.. In one action you are producing an optimum fertilizer, a soil conditioner, a pesticide, a herbicide, a fungicide, a moisture retainer, a mulch and by the correct application can skip several passes with machinery (As agreed by Rothamsted Research). So you will save large amounts of time and money. From this course you will also be able to put up your own super efficient compost toilets for virtually no cost. The toilet waste, which is flushed with dry friable compost, and collected in bioliners can be put through a separate system as human waste is still not yet approved by Brussells for use in organic certified systems (in this country). You need no longer be paranoid about pathogens in farm waste and cat and dog waste etc.,. Richard has made this revolutionary agricultural material for 15 years which, when applied correctly, requires no other inputs into the growing system till harvesting. Note: the application of municipal green waste compost is NOT a fertilizer and will not do the same job.

Richard travels to Africa teaching and installing these systems that can be operated by the 70% of Africans who are rural farmers who can now at last avoid digging the soil and losing so much moisture and carbon. It forms the basis of carbon negative farming. 

Cost £80 each, or two days tuition for £150. One day only can be attended if so desired. All materials supplied, including hot lunch and refreshments. A must for the farmer of the future. Further on farm consultancy available for 'Bio Fertile Farming'

Call 07983 439 171 for more information and email to book 

Venue Information: Please google WD6 5PL for map or sat nav. and when you reach the High Canons Estate Yard electric gate for a 9.30 start call 07983 439 171 and We will open it remotely and meet you in the car park. Course ends at 4.30pm. Bring suitable foot ware.

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