Research fund second round

Please note, the second call for our research fund has now closed.

We are offering an outstanding opportunity to deliver research with real impact. The second call of our research fund invited proposals for practical studies, up to £25,000, that addressed one of three key challenges for organic and low-input agriculture:

  • Managing weeds without herbicides. Weeds are one reason organic arable yields are lower on average, and why some farmers are reluctant to grow organic crops. This has a knock-on effect on the costs of organic livestock production. Solutions could include new approaches to weed control, reducing weeds' impact on yield or even finding novel uses for weeds.
  • Affordable high-quality protein feed for poultry, pig and fish farming, for instance from insects, algae or by-products. The fund will support research that adds significantly to other current projects to address this crucial issue.
  • Growing even healthier food. What practical steps can farmers and growers take to enhance the nutritional quality of their produce?

These were among the priorities that producers raised in workshops and a survey run by the Organic Research Centre, our lead research partners.


To be eligible, proposals must be developed jointly with one or more farmers or growers. We encourage participatory research but welcome other approaches (e.g. reviews) where they are the best way to provide the knowledge needed. Researchers must demonstrate relevant qualifications or professional experience.

These small grants offer an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate research impact, plus:

  • Provide preliminary data for larger research proposals.
  • Translate your research into on-farm practical advantage.
  • Disseminate research at on-farm events.
  • Help farmers understand research requirements.
  • Support your own professional development by reconciling the practical requirements of a working farm with delivering robust science.

Contact information

The fund is part of the Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme. If you have a query about the fund or the programme, please consult our FAQs, or contact our research manager Kate Pressland on or telephone 0117 987 4572.

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Have you got a question about how to apply? Take a look at our FAQs.

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