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Help kids learn about organic farming

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) are looking for organic farmers to help with the following:

  • Farm visits
  • Classroom speaker talks
  • Free resources for schools
  • Outdoor education events
  • Projects and activities
  • The Royal Highland Show education programme

Since forming in 1999, The Royal Highland Education Trust has been providing FREE learning opportunities about farming and food production for Scotland’s pupils.  In the last few years, demand for farm visits and classroom speakers to visit school has grown significantly and as a result RHET are keen to keep recruiting volunteers to help accommodate schools.  There are 12 local area coordinators throughout Scotland who organise visits, events, run projects, disseminate resources and run training for existing and new volunteers.
RHET are looking for both farmers willing to host a class (usually lasting 1 – 1.5 hrs) and/or to visit a classroom. 
‘We work with around 500 farmers and non-farmer volunteers, in a variety of ways’ explains Alison Motion, RHET Manager. ‘We are more than happy to fit around peoples preferred age group, time of the week and frequency. We ask folk to let us know as we are grateful for their valuable time and input.  Some of our farm hosts are happy to host one visit a year, others will set aside a week for schools to visit and we leave them alone for the rest of the year. Whilst others are happy to be approached whenever a request is received! They know they can always decline and may suggest a neighbour who might be able to help’
The 12 RHET countryside initiatives offer training for both new and existing speakers and provide pointers on topics, props and provide resources if required. There is no formal ‘sign up’ or promise asked of volunteers to commit to a set number of visits or length of time. Stewards are also needed to assist small groups of pupils around Food and Farming events, Estate Days and as tour guides during the Royal Highland Show.  Please visit for more information on how to get involved.

It is really important to ensure that children have the opportunity to visit and learn about organic farms and organic food.

Food for Life Scotland

Food for Life Scotland is one of our key programmes of work, supported by the Scottish Government. The project aims to transform food culture in communities throughout Scotland through supporting the production and enjoyment of good food that is healthy, sustainable and accessible to all.

Future proofing Scotland's farming

We will be running a variety of event topics including animal productivity and health, nutrient management, water and wetland management, woodland management and biomass, anaerobic digestion and an introduction to low carbon farming. If you would like to suggest a farm that could host an afternoon’s visit or an expert to help discuss the topics further please give contact Lyn Matheson on 0131 666 0847 or

Land Trust  

The Soil Association Land Trust has been established with two aims: to protect the countryside by acquiring and managing farmland sustainably; and to connect the public with the stewardship of the land.

Farmers and grower board

The Soil Association Farmer and Grower Board is an elected, representative group of organic producers from a range of backgrounds. The Board aims to ensure a balance of representation across all sectors through its members. The Soil Association regularly consults with the Board on a range of topics.

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Contact us

Contact Lyn White,
Agricultural Development Manager
on 07899 791 748 or email or call the Scottish Office 0131 666 2474.