Organic. Naturally different?

14 May 2012

Kerstin Rodgers

Ms Marmite lover, Kerstin Rodgers

Journalists and industry representatives joined a lively debate about the many myths surrounding organic food, at the launch of a new campaign 'Organic. Naturally different.' Getting stuck into issues of price and perception, the debate was chaired by TV presenter John Craven, with dinner cooked by the pioneering Ms Marmite lover, Kerstin Rodgers, who launched one of the first supperclubs in the UK.

The eclectic mix of guests included Mercury award winner and rapper, Speech Debelle, co-founder of Green & Blacks, Craig Sams and award-winning chef, Richard Bertinet. Rather than remaining at logger heads, many sceptics and supporters left the debate concluding that supporting a ‘gold standard’ in animal welfare and environmental impact might just be worth paying that little bit extra for.

Musician Speech Debelle commented; ‘If people knew more about the way food is treated in conventional farming, they might think that it's worth choosing a few more organic things in their weekly shop. To me, eating organic food is not a big deal, it’s the natural choice for someone who cares about what they put in their body and the world we live in.’

Organic debate chaired by John CravenCatherine Fookes of the Organic Trade Board said; ‘You can tell by the mix of people at the event and the range of opinions voiced, that the real face of organic is varied and diverse. We have an important message to tell people about organic food and that is that it CAN be for everyone.”

To watch the debate, find out about the campaign 'Organic. Naturally different.' and get the chance to win organic giveaways, visit or find the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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