Thumbs up for Stirling school meals

30 May 2012

Stirling Council receive bronze Food for Life Catering Mark awardStirling Council in Scotland has been awarded the prestigious bronze Food for Life Catering Mark form the Soil Association for serving fresh and healthy meals in 37 primary schools. This guarantees that all 2,000 meals served every weekday are freshly prepared using seasonal ingredients, better for animal welfare, and free from controversial additives, trans fats and GM ingredients.

On Tuesday 29th May, Margaret Gilmour, Service Manager at Stirling Council, received the Food for Life Catering Mark on behalf of Stirling Council from top Scottish chef Tom Lewis, saying “we have worked hard to achieve the bronze Food for Life Catering Mark and it’s great that our efforts are being recognised in this way. Healthy, fresh school meals are important to us at Stirling Council. We will work on achieving the silver Catering Mark next so we will be looking to for more local suppliers to help us with this.” 

Soil Association Scotland have also launched a video about Stirling Council’s achievement to encourage other Scottish Local Authorities to take steps to improve school meals:

With school meals across Scotland under intense scrutiny – particularly with the recent publicity surrounding Martha Payne, a pupil from Argyll & Bute, whose school meals blog now has more than a million followers – being awarded the Food for Life Catering Mark recognises Stirling Council’s leadership in tackling an issue of vital importance for Scotland.

Stirling Council is the third Local Authority in Scotland to achieve the Food for Life Catering Mark, which recognises a caterer’s commitment to serving healthy, sustainable and ethical food. Between Stirling Council, East Ayrshire Council and Highland Council, over 16,000 Food for Life Catering Mark accredited school meals are now served every day across 250 sites.

Laura Stewart, Director of Soil Association Scotland said they were “delighted that Stirling Council has achieved the high standards required for the Soil Association’s bronze Food for Life Catering Mark. More and more, people want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced.”

The Catering Mark is open to all food providers. The bronze, silver and gold tiers offer a step-by-step route to serving more locally produced, seasonal, healthy and organic food.

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