The Saltire Organic Meat Company Launches at Food for Life Scotland Event

10 September 2013


Denise Walton, of Peelham Farm and Sascha Grierson from Hugh Grierson organic were delighted to announce the formation of a new and innovative collaboration between their two organic farming and butchery businesses at a Food for Life Scotland Network event in Glasgow on 4 September.

It was the creation of the Food for Life programme in Scotland in June 2012 which laid the foundation for the collaboration. Throughout initial discussions between both businesses and later with the Food for Life team, it became clear that there is a potential need for significantly larger volumes of organic meat than either business could handle individually, through more organisations wanting to source Scottish organic produce.

Peelham Farm and Hugh Grierson organic, through their respective companies, both rear grass fed organic beef and it seemed logical to collaborate to gain the volume required to bid for larger public and private sector catering contracts, including the potential to supply some of the increasing number of organisations who are on the journey towards obtaining the Food for Life Catering Mark, or moving from Bronze to Silver and Gold.

For over 10 years Peelham farm and Hugh Grierson organic have built strong brands selling their farm produce directly through farm shops, restaurants and direct to customers via online sales and farmers markets. They have achieved nationwide recognition for the outstanding quality and flavour of their produce and for their high standards of animal welfare.

They use native breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs to achieve the twin goals of sustainable land management coupled with great meat eating quality. They both have invested in butchery plants on their farms to enable them to provide the best in customer service and build a strong platform for their farming businesses.

They aim to begin their collaboration with grass fed organic Aberdeen Angus beef.

They will continue to supply their existing customers with their own branded produce.

Sascha & Denise say:
“This is a unique opportunity for small scale farmer/food producers like ourselves to work together to bring the best in Scottish organic food to a wider audience. Food for Life is a significant step forward for school children, patients in hospitals, and those in the workplace canteen – everyone in our society should have access to healthy, tasty meals using food whose provenance they can trust.”  

Angela Mitchell, Food for Life Scotland Programme Manager said:
“It’s great to see two forward thinking organic farms working together in such a unique way and it’s exciting to see the Food for Life Programme making a difference - not only to those who eat Catering Mark awarded meals each day, but also to the business prospects of Scottish Farmers and producers like Grierson organic and Peelham Farm. I wish Sascha and Denise well in their new business venture.”

Saltire Organic Meat Company –  A collaboration between Hugh Grierson Organic and Peelham Farm
Hugh Grierson organic     
Sascha Grierson, Owner/Manager M:  07876 732633 E:  
Peelham farm 
Denise Walton, Managing Partner (Food) M: 07890 266953  E:

The Food for Life Scotland Programme
The Soil Association's Food for Life Scotland programme aims to transform food culture across the country, so we can all eat food that is good for us, our communities and the planet.
A key element of the programme is to support caterers in schools, nurseries, hospitals, leisure and tourism outlets and workplaces to achieve the Food for Life Catering Mark.
The Catering Mark is the Soil Association’s prestigious national food award, and the only UK-wide certification scheme that provides a guarantee that food is fresh, seasonal and better for animal welfare. Bronze, silver and gold tiers encourage caterers to make step-by-step progress towards using more local, free range, fair trade and organic ingredients to produce healthier menus.
Currently, more than 39,000 Catering Mark meals are served across Scotland every day.

Contact Angela Mitchell, Food for Life Scotland Programme Manager M: 07917 617 869 E: 

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