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Classics: The Living Soil
Classics: The Living Soil
Author: Lady Eve Balfour
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The Living Soil

The organic movement is a contemporary success story but the seeds of its success were sown as early as the 1930s and 1940s, when a group of scientists, farmers and doctors raised challenging questions about the relationship between farming methods and human health. Their concerns about the impact of intensive agriculture on food quality and the environment challenged the prevailing orthodoxy and remain as relevant now as they were then. The Soil Association is marking its 60th birthday year by paying tribute to some of those organic pioneers, republishing their inspirational work in a series of Organic Classics.

Eve Balfour's The Living Soil made an international impact during the Second World War and inspired the founding of the Soil Association in 1946.

Originally published in 1943, this new edition features a foreword by Jonathan Dimbleby and an introduction by Lawrence Woodward OBE, Elm Farm Research Centre.