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Essential Lazy Dog Kit
Essential Lazy Dog Kit
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The company was formed in 1997 by Philip Trevelyan to share the hand-tool designs and weed-control techniques developed at his organic farm at Spaunton on the North Yorkshire Moors.

At the heart of the company's approach to weed-control is the ‘Removal of Individual Plants’ using hand-labour. Lazy Dog’s research has shown that this is often cheaper and more effective than any chemical option.
What’s included:
Hand-built from stainless steel in our Yorkshire workshops. Comes with a standard hexagonal key and spare bolt.
Grubbing Nose
Used from Autumn to late Spring, the original, general purpose weeding nose lifts SCOTCH THISTLE ROSETTES and DOCKS. Extracted weeds are easily pushed off this nose with the toe of a boot.
Used for MATURE DOCKS and HOGWEED. Deep-reaching & essential for roots in new seeds. Tackle Docks in pasture when conditions are moist.
How to use:
The Lazy Dog Tool Company's workshop has been filmed by the BBC, for Gardener's World, and by Tyne Tees TV. Its work has been reviewed in various articles.
The company also received a Green Apple Award in 2003 for its contribution to conservation & organic growing.

To buy tools please call 01751 417 351