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Two organic classic for only £8!
Two organic classic for only £8!
Author: Lady Eve Balfour, Lionel Picton & Sir Albert Howard
Price: £8.00

Soil Association Classics

Two for £8.00 - saving over £14 on cover prices

The organic movement is a contemporary success story but the seeds of its success were sown as early as the 1930s and 1940s, when a group of scientists, farmers and doctors raised challenging questions about the relationship between farming methods and human health. Their concerns about the impact of intensive agriculture on food quality and the environment challenged the prevailing orthodoxy and remain as relevant now as they were then. The Soil Association is marking its 60th birthday year by paying tribute to some of those organic pioneers, republishing their inspirational work in a series of Organic Classics.

Lionel Picton's Thoughts on Feeding is the ground-breaking work of a Cheshire doctor who was ahead of his time in the way he linked diet, health and the way in which food is produced. His subject is just as relevant today, in a society where mass produced, highly processed foods have become dominant and obesity has reached epidemic proportions.

Sir Albert Howard's Farming and Gardening for Health or Disease is based on observation of traditional farming methods in South Asia. Sent from Britain to India as an agriculturist to teach the locals how to farm, Howard quickly discovered that they had much more to teach him. The ideas and holistic farming techniques he articulated inspired the founders of the Soil Association.