Take part in this year’s Organic September – a month long celebration of all things organic

Last September we saw by how making a small change we can make BIG things happen.

Our Small Changes, Big Difference September campaign is full of exciting events and opportunities to engage the public in organic products and is a great way to boost sales in the organic market. In September 2013 organic food sales increased by nearly 9% bringing an absolute increase of £7.9m to the sector. Monthly sales in September 2013 showed an increase of 2% with many categories such as tea, cereals, yoghurts, and poultry showing exceptional growth and far outperforming the non-organic products in these categories.

Organic September 2014 is a great opportunity for all to get involved and communicate the benefits of organic. This year we will once again be using the Small Change, Big Difference marketing theme, encouraging consumers to make a Small Change in their everyday lives, in order to make a Big Difference to our food and farming.

Working in partnership with our licensees we want to make this September a success again, full of exciting activities and opportunities. Please do get involved and tell us about your event or promotion.

For example you might be:

  • a retailer, planning in-store promotions or events?
  • a branded goods/processor, planning on-pack promotions?
  • a farmer/grower, planning open farm visits and events?

Promotion of organic non-food products (beauty and textiles) is also planned for Organic September 2014. We will be holding Organic Beauty Week, scheduled for 08-14 September 2014. Find out more about Organic Beauty Week

Take part in Organic September. Contact organicseptember@soilassociation.org to tell us about your plans, or to ask us questions about marketing activity.

We will soon feature more here about what our licensees and partners are planning to do to give you ideas and inspiration.



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