Caribbean chicken hearts stew

Sheepdrove Organic Farm’s head butcher, Nick Rapps, has created some special recipes for Organic September for under £6 to feed 4. He says, "Organic meat is better for our health, our animals and the planet. That is why I am passionate about making organic meat as affordable as possible".


Caribbean chicken hearts stewServes four

  • 300g organic chicken hearts: £1.50
  • Pack of organic bacon lardons: £3.00
  • Tin chopped tomatoes £1
  • Chilli and paprika to taste & veg of your choice: 50p


  1. Wash the hearts, remove the membrane and blood, and slice thinly.
  2. Chop the bacon a bit and any other vegetables to hand - we roughly chopped an onion, a couple of carrots, added whole cloves of garlic and a handful of beans (out of their pods).
  3. You can chuck all the ingredients in a slow cooker and cook for four hours, or cook over a low heat on the stove for an hour.
  4. The picture features a whole chilli but we did not use the whole thing! Add chilli and paprika carefully, and to taste. Some (but not all) like it hot!

About Sheepdrove

Sheepdrove Organic Farm on the Berkshire Downs has two butcher’s shops, one in Bristol, the other in Maida Vale, London, and also an online shop. Sheepdrove was one of the first farms to sell its organic meat by mail order in the 1990s. Sheepdrove will be having special offers during Organic September!



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